The Best Way to Go: Die Easy with Pre-Paid Funerals

You have to admit that preparing for your funeral or that of other family members can be ominous and makes the idea of death real. True, everyone dies, but no one wants to think of their loved ones dying. But death is a fact of life, so you might as well prepare for it by making arrangements with Perth funerals. Whether you want to be cremated or buried the traditional way, preparing for such an eventuality will prove advantageous.

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How funerals will cost you

In Australia, funerals can cost anywhere from $4,000 to around $15,000, depending on how simple or elaborate it is. Quite expensive, right? It’s almost ironic that you still need to spend money when you’re already dead.

But the reason that the cost is high is that you’re not only paying for your coffin or burial/cremation, but you also need to pay for the funeral director fees, cemetery plot, death certificate, permits, transport, flowers, the wake, newspaper notices, and other expenses.

Yes, death is not cheap. Not at all.

So imagine how dire the situation is if surviving family members don’t have the amount necessary to pay for your funeral. They’re likely to resort to taking out a loan or borrowing money from friends. But if you make arrangements with providers of Perth WA funerals, you could spare them the hassle and the headache. How? Visit us at Perth Cremations and Funerals

Choose Pre-Paid Funerals

Nothing says better than preparing for your death than prepaid funerals, which basically means buying and paying for your funeral in advance. The best Perth funerals, such as Perth Cremations, offer this particular package with no price increase. That is, if you buy now, the same price applies even with inflation.

But an even bigger reason that many people choose prepaid with Perth funerals is the benefits that come with it. With your funeral already arranged and fully paid:

    • You spare your family from the financial and emotional burden of organising your funeral, when all they want to do is grieve for their loss. Find funerals in WA that offer impeccable service, and family members may not have to lift a finger.
      • You don’t need to pay more even when prices have increased unless there are additional arrangements. The funeral bonds will also continue accruing interest as the years go by, providing you and the funeral director financial protection against inflation.
        • You have peace of mind knowing that your funeral will be exactly how you want it to be. It won’t be a case of you being buried because cremation is off the budget or vice versa. If you want lots of flowers during your funeral, you can make advanced arrangements for them too. No need to skimp on them when the time comes.

        What is even better is that payment is spread out over a specific period, which will be a lot cheaper than if you were to pay $4,000 upfront, for example. Imagine if that amount is spread over a 5-year period. There’s no question that you can afford it.

        So sign up for pre-paid Perth funerals today.  Visit our website at

Same Day Edit Videos: Why You Need to Have One

Since the earlier days of wedding video, technology has come a long way. And so did the wedding film trends! For this reason, you will notice that Vancouver wedding same day edit videos have become somewhat of a staple to every wedding. There was a time when the video of the wedding can only be viewed months after the wedding itself. But as mentioned above, the wedding film trends have changed and the introduction of same day edit videos are fast becoming the norm.

Vancouver wedding same day edit

What is Same Day Edit?

A Vancouver wedding same day edit video is basically self-explanatory. The film footage is edited at the day of the wedding and shown at the venue in front of your guests. Due to the restrictions of time, making an SDE or same day edit video is not easy! However, the advancement in technology and the expertise of wedding filmmakers have made it possible to do that in just a few hours!

Why You Need One

Now that you know this type of editorial film for your wedding, the next big question is this: do you need one for your wedding? Most practical couples would say no almost immediately. It is important to be upfront about it from the start: an SDE video is going to add a lot to your budget for your wedding video! It takes a lot of skills, knowledge and the right tools to be able to produce a video in a short amount of time.

However, there are a lot of advantages to making that extra investment too. After all, your wedding only happens once in a lifetime; thus, it makes sense to make it as memorable as can be. It does not matter if you have a Christian or Indian wedding, the SDE video will enable you to look back on the experiences you have had for the day. Checkout at Life Studios Inc

The SDE video will provide your guests with a new angle to enjoy your wedding day. For your guests, they have a limited scope of your wedding day festivities since they are only enjoying it from their perspective. But when you show the SDE video at the venue, they will be able to access the behind-the-scenes footage of the bridal and groom party getting ready, or the bride putting on her dress for the first time, or perhaps the first look between the couple! You can also expect to see some candid moments of the family and guests at the wedding from the ceremony to the reception! This is a new experience for everyone, even for the bride and groom; hence, this is a special moment that everyone at the event can share!

Finally, it wraps up all of the activity for the day, and not just for the past 2 hours from the time of the ceremony to the reception. It allows you to look back on what happened over the past few hours of a whirlwind day (especially for the bride and groom). It is also a signal that the event has concluded and they get to see the fruit of several months of preparation!

If you are now convinced to get Vancouver wedding same day edit coverage, you can go to This professional team of videographers and photographers can make your wedding film as memorable as can be!