Signs You Need to Replace or Repair Your Existing Skylights

It is often the presence of a skylight that increases the market value of the property as it lets the homeowners enjoy the moonlight or stargazing while inside the house. Skylights have always been known to offer a unique beauty and stylish look to an otherwise ordinary house. But, you need to be aware of the skylights Melbourne prices as even something like this that comes with such aesthetic appeal needs replacement or repair from time to time. Well, here are the four major signs that can help you determine whether it’s time to repair your skylight or not.


If there are cracks present around the insert of your skylight or on the skylight glass, consider it to be a sign of immediate repairing or replacement. Whether water gets in through those cracks on your skylight or not, you need to update yourself with the present skylights Melbourne prices to determine whether repairing it or installing a new skylight will be ideal for you. After all, the crack that now seems a small one may grow into a bigger one over time and end up consuming the windshield completely.


Water leakage through the roof skylight is probably the most obvious sign to consider installing a new skylight or repairing the old one. If you have to place a container on the floor, right below your skylight whenever it rains outside, then don’t waste time in calling a professional to have a look at it.  Sometimes leaks may appear in such places on your skylight that you fail to spot them all by yourself and as a result, it may cause problems to the flashing, the lining of your skylight.


Discoloration is another major sign of opting for replacement or repair as it is nothing but a result of a leak. Witnessing discoloration means water is actually seeping through around your skylight which may lead to damaging the roof if not taken care of sooner. It also may cause bubbling on the drywall around the skylight, damaging the paint on the inside of your roof as well as the appearance of your house. Therefore, opt for professionals that offer services of skylight repairs Melbourne wide to stop your damaged skylight to cause further problems.


You need to start looking for Melbourne skylights installation or repair if you notice condensation around or on your skylight. The appearance of condensation means that there may be a problem with the skylight sealant, which can compromise the condition of your roof in the future. If you keep serious skylight issues like condensation unattended, it may eventually need the entire roof replacement. More info at Custom Skylights.


A damaged or cracked skylight can result in accidents any time. Plus, you never know when the next hail storm or heavy rain will arrive and shatter your skylight, causing safety risks to both your property as well as to you or your family members’ health. Therefore, make sure you give attention to any of these signs once spotted. To know about skylights Melbourne prices, there are websites like that you may find helpful.

Post Author: David Crowl

David Crowl